Blind Tiger Coffee is a coffee roaster/coffee catering company that has been in operation since 2013, based in Old Town, Maine. In this project, I will be rebranding their company by designing a new logo, new packaging, along with new merchandise such as mugs, cups, and clothing. I wanted to give the brand a completely different style but keep the fun and cute elements that the brand currently has on their logo and packaging.
Blind Tiger Coffee's philosophy:
We want to make something.  
We want you to make something.  
We want you to act alive with other people in the real time... 
& we truly want to help participate in an inclusive and caring community (the party is better when everyone is invited).
Maybe coffee could help with that...
Style Tile
Blind Tiger Coffee's brand is very colorful and fun and I wanted to challenge myself by using a limited color palette that isn't quite as fun and bright but still maintain the fun aspect of the brand in the design. I designed three patterns that each give off a different kind of feel. The first being very cute and fun, the second being preppy and elegant, and the last one being a mix of both cute and elegant. For the type, I wanted an extremely fun and bouncy font and then contrast that with a very clean and sleek font to balance them out.
For my deliverables, I wanted to really focus in on the merchandise for Blind Tiger Coffee. There are 2 differently designed cups that could be used for hot coffees: one with the checkered pattern and the other with the floral and heart prints. These patterns can be found all over the merchandise along with the tiger pattern.
Clothing and accessories
I wanted to add clothing and accessories to make the brand more fun and connect more with the customers in the community that Blind Tiger Coffee serves.
Please check out Blind Tiger Coffee!
Institution: Tyler School of Art and Architecture
Course: Advanced Graphic Design 
Instructor: Keith Greiman
Spring 2022